...Things are not always what they seem.

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...Things are not always what they seem.

Post by Angel on Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:45 pm

Riléssance, or Riley as she preferred to be called, changed out of the retched clothes that she was forced to wear because of her rank. She slipped into her silver armor, strapping her sword around her waist. "Much better," she said with a sigh. Riley pulled her long, blonde hair back into two, neat bun-like ponytails. She grinned, adjusting her gloves as she looked down at her attire. She much preferred being the mysterious Silver Knight, rather than her true self. Riléssance Catherine Smitt. She shifted her weight between her boots, hearing the clanking of her metal armor.
Riley reached for the hilt of her sword, grasping it firmly as she swung it out of its sheath, swinging it around gracefully. She often came to the forest to practice her sword fighting. After all...there's always room for improvement..

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