The Story - Part 1

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The Story - Part 1

Post by Prince Dean the British on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:11 pm

Kingdom Wars.

The beginning.

Ages ago when time wasn’t yet recorded a kingdom lived. The Thalimvar Kingdom, it was one of the richest kingdoms in the country. It was huge made out of a palace in the mountains with smaller and bigger houses in front of the royal court. A river runs through the kingdom separating it. The only connection is a bridge which is not quite finished. They are using boats for now. The Kingdom’s royal family was very arrogant and hated by half of the villagers which lived on the other side of the river to the castle. They made a new rule making those people pay to get to the main city. This started the war. People wouldn’t pay and just turned away from the king. Three people who were high up supported them. The Vampire Prince, the Warrior Maiden and the Magician Knight. The robbed the wealthy and built a new Kingdom rivaling against the original. They live in a village which is enforced with huge walls and armored archers. They have frequent fights and wars and then stay quiet again for a few weeks.

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