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Desi's Characters.

Post by Lady Desirae on Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:05 pm

Maybell Marie Sinclairre (Prefers May over anything)
May is a little over fifteen years of age. She was born on January 22.
She is with the Alliance, but she takes great interest in the Rebellion. She often sneaks in and spies of them out of pure curiosity. It's a part of her nature to wonder and imagine what it must be like.
Physical Appearance:
May stands at about 5'5" in height and has the normal stature and figure for a fifteen year old. Her eyes are a rich, golden shade of hazel with flecks of a dazzling bright green as though someone put bits of emerald in her irises. Her skin is as pale and pure as porcelain with rosy cheeks and a light dappling of freckles on her nose. She has an oval, slightly heart shaped face, thin lips, high cheek bones and arched eyebrows. Her hair reaches to about the middle of her back. Her mother forces her to keep it down, however she pulls it up when no one is watching.
May is forced to wear big, poofy, and elegant dresses because of her ranking in society. However, she often changes out of the uncomfortable heels into gold boots. They tie up in the front and can be considered "combat boots".
May has two different sides to her personality. One side, the real side, she is adventurous, curious, smart, funny, and a bit prideful. She loves to follow her instincts and often doesn't think things through. She can be thought of as a bit of a tomboy and will often push herself to rise to the occasion. However, this pushing of her abilities catches up with her later when she gets in too far over her head. She believes she can do much greater things that she is actually most likely able to accomplish. She follows her adventurous side when no one is around and can be considered a bit rebellious, but only to an extent.
The other side of May is no longer named May. This side is known as Maybell Marie Sinclairre, daughter of Anna-Lee and William Gerlad Sinclairre. (Lord and Lady of Thaer) During the times she is expected to behave at a certain standard, May is calm, quiet, level-headed, sweet, and proper. She never speaks without being spoken to, and never raises her voice to anyone. This is the personality that she puts on when it is expected of her. However, she does not like her ranking in society and wishes to simply be free and not have to worry about impressing those of a higher rank.
May is a Lady, like her mother. However, she dislikes her rank and sometimes longs to simply be a peasant...
May can often be seen sitting at the window in her room, watching the "commoners" go by happy and free to do as they please. [img][/img]

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