Rules of the Forum.

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Rules of the Forum.

Post by Prince Dean the British on Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:36 pm

Kingdom Wars Rules.

General Rules

This includes the Off-Topic and the RP areas.

Stay at a level of G or PG-13. Yes, fighting will occur and bloodshed is indeed inevitable but please do not go in extensive details! Keep your M rated romance threads off this forum. If you feel that you must do such inappropriate things, move it to private messages, please. Try not to say anything inappropriate in the presence of younger members.

Be literate. Use proper grammar and words. Not text-talk, if you are dyslexic or bad at spelling try installing a spell checker this makes both our lives and your life easier!

Be Respectful Have respect for other members! Intense discussions are allowed (religion, politics, etc) but try not to insult each other and be respectful in your debates (note the use of the word debate rather than argument, don't let the discussion evolve into something nasty).

Don’t try to find loop holes in the rules. Do not try to find a way to avoid the rules. This makes your life harder and in the end it’ll lead to a ban.

No spam or advertising! The one exception for advertising is in the 'Links' forum.

RP Rules

This is a roleplay dated back into the 1300’s So there were no cars or anything equivalent to that.

Since this is not based on anything there are no Canon Characters

You are only allowed to have seven characters

Swearing is allowed, if everything you say is filled with vulgarity though, there will be consequences. Again, try to tone down on the cussing when in the presence of younger members.

No godmodding, powerplaying, Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus, or anything of the sort.

You can have any type of character. This includes shapeshifters, magicians, demigods etc. Although the Vampire Prince, Warrior, Magician Knight, Half Demon-Half Human are the last of their kind and cannot be copied.

No Immortality.

Thank you,
The KW Team.

* We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. Check the rules as they may change frequently.

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