Check Point Drama [p r i v a t e *ask me if you want to join, though*]

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Check Point Drama [p r i v a t e *ask me if you want to join, though*]

Post by Jules on Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:31 am

Adrielle tapped her foot impatiently on the moist stone ground. She had been standing here for roughly 20 minutes, and the line didn’t seem to shorten. Obviously, the checkpoint guard was slow- probably came straight from the ciders and was trying very hard to hide it. Letting out a strong outward breath of frustration, she cocked her head to the side to check what the hold was all about.

Stupid guard. He looked pretty comfortable sitting back while the other visitors were fumbling with their luggage; showing him what they brought as he approved each item with a flick of his hand. What an idiot. Adrielle let out a groan then, out of habit, twirled the ends of her hair with her index finger. Her client would be waiting and this package was getting heavier and heavier by the second.

Adrielle was a clothier, a tailor, a designer of dresses for the nobles of both the Rebellion and the Alliance. So, she had to travel constantly as she didn’t have the luxury of servants delivering her gowns for her. It was a pity, honestly. But it did give Adrielle a good image and a chance to get out of her parchment filled room.

The line finally seemed to move for the people in front of her brought nothing but themselves, hope for a better life and a few seeds. These were the people trying to make a living in the midst of war. Adrielle was one of them too but, in a way, she wasn’t. Though, now wasn’t the time to contemplate on such things. The man with leprosy before her was cleared to enter and the guard waved her to come forth.

“Name?” The guard asked, eyeing her while stroking his overly bushy beard.
“Adrielle Montgomery, sir” Adrielle’s irritation was clearly audible.
“What is your business here?”
“I am a clothier. I’m here to deliver a gown for Lady Dellia.”
“Let me see your package”
Adrielle cautiously handed him the delicately wrapped package which contained the silver gown she was commissioned to make. “Please, sir, handle the package delicately for it took me all-” It was too late, the guard ripped the wrapping paper to shreds then examined the gown; his eyes looked like he was busy judging her design. With one last look at the gown, the guard tossed the shimmering piece of clothing to Adrielle and said, “You’re free to pass”, but Adrielle was busy staring at the torn paper on the floor, it was hard to wrap that dress without having to crease it. Quickly, Adrielle regained her calm and regal manner, holding her chin high and adjusting her feathered beret. “Will that be all, sir?” she asked the bored looking guard. “Didn’t I tell you to leave now, girl?” the guard said accusingly.
“Excuse me for my rudeness sir but, please, watch your mouth.” Adrielle stated, her voice strong and cold.
“Do you know who I am, you worthless whelp?” the guard asked accusingly, pointing a stubby finger at Adrielle.
“Yes, you’re a soldier from the army who got demoted to being a checkpoint guard.”
“Careful what you say, brat. I could kill you with one strike.”
“I’d like to see you try, sir. Oh and tell your wife about your foot injury..”
“What injury are yah talkin’ ‘bout? I have no injury, girl.”
“Are you sure now?” With that, Adrielle stepped on the man’s foot with all her might, crunching the guard’s toes to the ground with the balls of her feet.
“Why you-” the guard began but was cut short by Adrielle’s brash farewell. No doubt the nearby spectators watched the incident and were in total shock as well. Adrielle had to get away now, while there was still time to run.

She walked as fast as her leather traveling boots could take her, gripping the dress tightly to her body. Looks like there was more than one war here, there would always be more than one war. Always.


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