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Knight Yume ;D

Post by knight yume from emerald on Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:46 pm

Hey People!!!! I'm Knight Yume, call me yume, since that's how people call me... ANYWAY! My favorite type of pie is Blueberry Pie *q* with ice cream *Q* I join this site...'cause I'm one of the 3 who create it! So, that should be it. I don't bite, between. Ony Prince Dean and Maybe Mir XD

Knight Yume From Emerald, to serve you ( Rebellion)(female)
Lady Kira, can't help it.(Alliance) (Female)
Magician Zelda, what do you want?( Neutral)(Female)
Knight Sazanami, don't disturb me.( Alliance)(Male)
Thief Knight Aoi, What do you need? maybe I got it ( Rebellion)(Male)
Prince Ayel, to serve you.(male)
Bard Aika, Need a Song? * Charming smile* (Female)
knight yume from emerald

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